We are looking for ambitious individuals to join our experienced team in Europe. Specific positions are detailed below:




A highly respected, senior communicator from industry (healthcare or other) is required to join the team and continue the strong growth at Consilium.  Please contact Mary-Jane Elliott, Managing Partner at elliott@consilium-comms.com.

Associate Partner 

A strong communicator with experience to provide financial PR advice, strong team work and management of clients with Partners. 


Account Executive

A proactive, bright and well organised individual with communications experience to provide input to the team, advice to clients and strong team work across a rapidly growing, dynamic and fun City agency. 



For more information on the roles, please contact recruitment@consilium-comms.com



We welcome all prospective candidates who appreciate our independent and proactive approach to financial PR and corporate communications.

Please contact us at recruitment@consilium-comms.com for more information or contact one of the team directly.

We also welcome candidates for internships and run a well-managed scheme for fostering graduates into the firm. For more information please contact admin@consilium-comms.com.


Internship programme

We have an internship programme with the Birkbeck Univeristy of London that offers students the opportunity to explore a career in healthcare focused strategic financial communications at Consilium.

The programme runs for a period of up to three months for each candidate.  For more information about an internship through Birkbeck or elsewhere please contact recruitment@consilium-comms.com.