Genevieve is a trusted and creative PR professional, with particular expertise in social media and purpose-driven content creation. She joined Consilium in May 2021 from Instinctif Partners, where she established strong media relations skills, working across two teams to manage clients’ communications programmes in corporate, digital, and financial PR over several years. Genevieve holds a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science from King’s College London.


What motivates you at work?

For me, it’s a combination of learning about incredibly cool science straight from the source and (as cliché as it sounds) knowing we’re working within a space that aims to benefit people. I’d never considered the communications side before joining the industry but witnessing the real impact of our work is incredibly rewarding, not to mention the inspiring people you meet along the way who all have their own stories as to why they chose to work in healthcare.


What is your idea of a perfect day?

In London, it’s exploring the weird and wonderful activities that the city has to offer – whether crazy golf on a rooftop, bingo with a twist or a local festival – followed by some good food and drink and probably a West End show. Outside of London, it has to be the beach. You can’t beat swimming, snorkelling and laying in the sun with a cocktail in hand: blame my Aussie blood!


What is one thing people do not know by looking at you?

That I ran a marathon! Yes, it was years ago. And, yes, I will use any excuse to bring it up! I am in no way athletic by nature and signed up on a whim saying it would be a memorable way to spend my 21st birthday and see Amsterdam. My proudest achievement to date, I pushed myself further physically than I knew was possible and overcame many mental barriers in the process, all for an incredibly worthy cause. Plus, finishing the race in the Olympic stadium made me feel like a champion!

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