Evi joined ICR Consilium in September 2022.


She recently graduated with an MSc in Cell and Gene Therapy from University College London where her research focused on retaining cell stemness in keratinocytes during wound healing. Evi also holds a first class BSc degree in Medical Genetics from Queen Mary University of London.


What is your favourite part of your job?

Being able to continuously learn new skills and build relationships with people, but I’m also very partial to Consilium’s lunch and learns because of the lovely lunch …and learning opportunities obviously!


What is the one app or program you simply cannot live without?

My calendar app. I completely depend on it to remind me of everything going on in my life. And I mean everything.


When not at work, where would we likely find you?

Probably at the cinema watching a film, or in bed…watching a film, or crocheting…watching a film.

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